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Amazon Climate Change -Thomas Stelzer

Thomas Stelzer, the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs. Photo: A Critica

“Globally speaking, if the Amazon region lost its ability to capture carbon, it would be more difficult to control climate change, which is the world’s biggest challenge today”, said the United Nations (UN) Official Thomas Stelzer to A Critica, a local newspaper in Brazil.

According to him, this subject affects the environmental arrangements throughout the world, as the Amazon rainforest plays an important role in the global weather regulation for the large amount of carbon it can absorb from the atmosphere. From that, the need to protect the Amazon is essential.

Stelzer visited Manaus, city located in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, to participate in the celebrations of the 2013 Environment Week. He visited research institutions and debated actions designed to promote sustainability and development in the Amazonas State of Brazil.


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A bleak global reality is painted in this introduction to REDD+ Talks video, which explains the multitude of climate change related issues which we are now facing. They describe themselves as America’s first symposium on Global Warming and the vital role of REDD+. They believe that “it is essential to provide fundamental information on REDD+ as a viable climate change mitigation strategy, and this is the reason for having organized REDD+ Talks.”

They also explain that they hope that “after hearing from corporate leaders and experts on global warming, REDD+ and climate change policy, you will be inspired to accelerate your emissions reduction programs by supporting REDD+ projects that serve to protect the world’s vital forests and biodiversity while uplifting impoverished communities.”

While these may seem like lofty ambitions, which are difficult to achieve; here at Celestial Green Ventures we have the same ambitions with our own REDD+ Forest Conservation and Community Development Projects. You can find out more about our REDD+ projects here.

You can see their introductory video here…..

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The environment is the primary source of the humans needs. Mother Nature provides us with goods and services that play a key role in the development of our society.

The earth’s stock of resources and its natural regulating mechanisms are what we call Natural Capital Assets.

This priceless legacy must be sustainably used in order to guarantee that it will be available for us and for the future generations. In fact, there is a direct survival link between humans and nature.

This video is an encouragement for us to rethink our systems and concepts of growth and give value to these Natural Capital Assets freely given to us.

How much is nature worth to you?

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Do you know what Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) is?

It is the principle that indigenous peoples and communities have the right to give or withhold their consent to activities that may affect them and their territory.

A REDD+ project must respect the indigenous peoples and the traditional communities not only for the protection of theirs rights but also for the assurance that they understand and agree with all aspects of projects affecting them.

This video, produced by Live & Learn Environmental Education, shows the importance of FPIC and presents REDD+ as a potential tool to conserve the forests and the environment.

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World Water Day 2013

World Water Day 2013

After yesterday’s International Day of Forests, today the 22nd March has been designated by the UN as World Water Day, which began back in 1993 after a recommendation by United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).

The UN has also designated 2013 as the Year of Water Cooperation, which illustrates the significant level of importance that the organisation has placed on these issues.

Held annually on 22nd March, the UN aims to focus people’s attention on the importance of freshwater supply & availability, and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources worldwide.

UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon delivers a lasting message about global sustainable development and our collective responsibilities to ensure that the efficient use of our natural resources is fundamental to all our daily lives; concluding that “Water is Life.”

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REDD+ is set out to create incentives for developing countries to protect the forest and by this to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. The plus sign represents conservation, sustainable management of forest and enhancement of carbon stocks.

This video is giving us an insight on how REDD+ is working and what the people of Indonesia must do to maintain the project alongside their way of life. The video also talks about climate change and deforestation and how working with REDD+ can help the rainforest from being wiped away.

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With today being International Women’s Day, we decided to feature Vicki Arroyo, a woman who is becoming increasingly influential in the field of environmental law and policy. Her efforts to educate and shape not only our views about climate change mitigation but to be the catalyst for collective action in every level of society is a life-long struggle that she truly believes in.

She campaigns across the world, to convince every level of our global society from the individual to the policy-makers in the US Government and decision-makers on the international stage that we need to avoid the oft used default policy of planning based on Stationarity, which is the notion that we can anticipate the future based on the past, and plan accordingly.

In an excellent thought-provoking TED Talk entitled ‘Let’s prepare for our new climate’, she discusses how “climate change is affecting our homes, our communities, our way of life,” and that “we should be preparing at every scale and at every opportunity,” to account for this unprecedented change.

Arroyo continues by explaining that it is up to us to us to find ways to plan and to prepare for these new challenges, and in doing so, find ways not only survive but to thrive within this ever-changing environment and encourages us to call on our government leaders and require them to do the same.

Vicki Arroyo is the Executive Director of the Georgetown Climate Center of Georgetown University Law Center where she is also a Visiting Professor. She oversees the Centre’s work at the nexus of climate and energy policy, supervising staff and student work on climate mitigation and adaptation at the state and federal level, to find viable solutions to climate change’s inevitable disruptions to our current practices.

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