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On the 17th of May, the Human Milk Bank in Amazonas (Banco de Leite Humano do Amazonas), from the Ana Braga Maternity Hospital, in Manaus, in the Amazonas State of Brazil, officially launched a new campaign to encourage women to donate milk.

The organisation provides milk to approximately 200 children every month. Human breast milk has proven to be crucial for the survival of those babies, providing them with proper nutrients and help preventing diseases.

According to Elizabeth Hardman, nurse and coordinator of the project, the main objective of the campaign is “to save the lives of thousands of children through the donation of human milk, encouraging breastfeeding and helping to reduce infant mortality rates.”

The Human Milk Bank was founded in 2004, and works collecting, treating, and distributing human breast milk. The main people benefited from the donations are mothers in hospitals that, for some reason, are not able to breastfeed their newborns.

In 2012, the institution was able to distribute more than 700,000 litres of milk. The slogan for the campaign starting today is “donate mother´s milk and help nurturing healthier Brazilian children”.

Celestial Green Ventures is donating R$ 5,000 (five thousand Reais) for the campaign. The donation is being made through Instituto Amazônia Livre, a not-for-profit organisation which is CGV´s main partner in Brazil, and which is helping to raise the funds for the campaign.

“Last month, during a visit to Manaus, I met the team working with the Human Milk Bank, and I was impressed with the dedication of the staff, and the number of children that they have been able to help throughout the years,” recalls Ciaran Kelly, CEO of CGV.

The Human Milk Bank is supported by the Amazonas State Government. For more information on how to help the organisation, please call +55 92 36474234.

Ciaran Kelly, CEO of Celestial Green Ventures (4th from the right), with the team from the Human Milk Bank, in Manaus, last April

Ciaran Kelly, CEO of Celestial Green Ventures (4th from the right), with the team from the Human Milk Bank, in Manaus, in April


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Monica Gallego is the new CGV team member. Photo:CGV

Celestial Green Ventures is pleased to welcome Monica Gallego as our new REDD+ Project Coordinator. She is joining our team from Spain, where she completed a degree in Environmental Sciences from the Granada University (UGR), and a Master’s in Management and Restoration of Natural Environment from the Barcelona University (UB).

As an Environmentalist specialised in Natural Environment, Monica has experience carrying out environmental impact assessments, good knowledge in Geographic Information System (GIS) and ample competence in projects involving the areas of post-fire forest restoration and riparian vegetation regeneration, gained while developing projects throughout Spain.

Her international experience includes a course in Brazilian Savannah-forest restoration at the University of São Paulo (USP), in Brazil, and a practical working experience as a volunteer in the area of Biodiversity Management and Conservation for the NABU German Society for Nature Conservation, in Germany.

With great enthusiasm and energy, Monica is looking forward to broadening her experience with us, in Dublin, and contributing to the development of our forest conservation and biodiversity protection projects, in the Brazilian Amazon.

Welcome to the CGV team, Monica!

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On the Green Newsletter - Issue 2

On the Green Newsletter – Issue 2

We are delighted to announce the release of the Second Issue of our fledgling Newsletter – On the Green.

Inside you will discover more about Celestial Green Ventures, our REDD+ projects, our partners and some innovations which we have made to our Geospatial Platform.

To read the Newsletter you can follow this link…On the Green – Issue 2 or click the picture above.

We hope that you enjoy this new edition of the Newsletter, and would love to receive feedback, thoughts and comments about On the Green.

If you would like to subscribe to On the Green, please email us @ onthegreen@celestialgreenventures.com

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CEMS Students at the CGV Head Office, after their Biomass Presentation, December 2012

CEMS Students at the CGV Head Office, after their Biomass Consultancy Project Presentation, December 2012

Since October 2012, Celestial Green Ventures have been working with an incredible group of students who are currently studying on the CEMS Masters in Management Programme at the Smurfit Graduate School of Business in University College Dublin (UCD).

The Biomass Consultancy Project, which they presented to us in December, was merely the beginning of a mutually beneficial, on-going relationship between ourselves and the CEMS Programme, and especially the CEMS Dublin group, based in UCD.

We are particularly impressed to see young future business leaders learning about the importance of sustainable business practices by carbon balancing their flights to Dublin, for the first half of their International Master’s Degree Programme, which sees them travel to another CEMS partner university, this semester. (Currently there are 27 Partner Universities spread across a number of countries worldwide).

You can read more about this new sustainable partnership on the university website, and you will hear more about this relationship right here on our Blog, throughout 2013 and beyond, with several exciting initiatives being developed.

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Trocano Araretama Conservation Project

Here is a collage of images from our Trocano Araretama Conservation Project and our Madeirinhas Conservation Project, in the Amazônia region of Brazil.

If you would like to see more pictures from these amazing regions, you can visit our project gallery @ http://www.celestialgreenventures.com/gallery or via our Flickr account @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/celestialgreenventures/

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The Trocano Araretama REDD+ Conservation project, developed by Celestial Green Ventures in partnership with Instituto Amazônia Livre (IAL), is being used as the basis of a scientific article by members of the IAL team.

Renan Albuquerque Rodrigues, a lecturer and PhD researcher at the Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM), the oldest and one of the most traditional universities in Brazil, and Dr. Antônio José do Nascimento Fernandes who both work at IAL have decided to use this first CGV REDD+ Natural Capital project as a test case and as the basis of a scientific academic article in Brazil.

This new link between the organisations, can be beneficial for all sides, while researchers at the university are currently analysing the potential of this particular academic paper, the IAL team are confident that it will be the start of a great relationship now and into the future.

The Trocano Araretama project uses a REDD+ methodology and is based on the principles of good governance (including social participation), transparency and inclusion. Abating deforestation and forest degradation; protecting vulnerable biodiversity; enhancing the livelihoods of the local communities and protecting the Natural Capital of the regions are key to the success these projects.

These REDD+ Natural Capital projects are designed to bring benefits to the local communities, who are also the decision-making partners deciding where and how the funds are spent, to improve their regions, in the way that they want.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA* This post was written with the collaboration of Renan Albuquerque Rodrigues, who is a lecturer and current Ph.D. student of Amazonian Culture and Society, journalist and currently advises IAL, in the area of humanities and culture. He was one of the members of the IAL team who visited Celestial Green Ventures Head Office in Dublin last October.

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We are delighted that our Editor-in-Chief returns from Chile via Brazil tomorrow, after her Christmas holidays, back home in South America. Not only is Paula the Editor of our new Blog, but she also works tirelessly with our CEO and Head of Irish Operations as a PA, and has recently also taken on more responsibility in the role of PR Executive for Celestial Green Ventures. She has certainly been missed in the last few weeks, and we all look forward to welcoming her back tomorrow. She has also previously written her own Blog, so we all look forward to her excellent Blog posts in the coming weeks, throughout 2013 and beyond!

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