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As we all know, Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup. Recently, they have revealed their latest Stadium ready for the matches, called National Mané Garrincha Stadium, located in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital. Mané Garrincha could be the first stadium in the world to be awarded the Platinum LEED seal, which is the top sustainability related certificate, awarded by the Green Building Council (GBC).

Also known as Eco-arena, because of its sustainable achievements, the stadium construction included the reuse of material from the demolition of the old building and the use of recyclable products. Besides, the current infrastructure is designed to save water and energy. Rainwater will be collected and treated to be reused, and nearly 2,000 solar panels on the roof will produce up to 2.2 Megawatts. This will be redirected to power more than 2,000 houses, when the stadium is not in use.

The stadium stands at 46 metres high and is divided into four sectors with eight storeys, 19 gates and 158 turnstiles at the entrance points. The new 72,800-seater stadium also has 74 boxes, 276 toilets, 40 bars, 2 restaurants and 14 snack bars. Football matches won’t be the only use for Mané Garrincha Eco-arena, as it has also been designed to host events, concerts, conferences and meetings.

National Mané Garrincha Stadium

National Mané Garrincha Stadium. Photo: Bleacher Report


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