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The Trocano Araretama REDD+ Conservation project, developed by Celestial Green Ventures in partnership with Instituto Amazônia Livre (IAL), is being used as the basis of a scientific article by members of the IAL team.

Renan Albuquerque Rodrigues, a lecturer and PhD researcher at the Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM), the oldest and one of the most traditional universities in Brazil, and Dr. Antônio José do Nascimento Fernandes who both work at IAL have decided to use this first CGV REDD+ Natural Capital project as a test case and as the basis of a scientific academic article in Brazil.

This new link between the organisations, can be beneficial for all sides, while researchers at the university are currently analysing the potential of this particular academic paper, the IAL team are confident that it will be the start of a great relationship now and into the future.

The Trocano Araretama project uses a REDD+ methodology and is based on the principles of good governance (including social participation), transparency and inclusion. Abating deforestation and forest degradation; protecting vulnerable biodiversity; enhancing the livelihoods of the local communities and protecting the Natural Capital of the regions are key to the success these projects.

These REDD+ Natural Capital projects are designed to bring benefits to the local communities, who are also the decision-making partners deciding where and how the funds are spent, to improve their regions, in the way that they want.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA* This post was written with the collaboration of Renan Albuquerque Rodrigues, who is a lecturer and current Ph.D. student of Amazonian Culture and Society, journalist and currently advises IAL, in the area of humanities and culture. He was one of the members of the IAL team who visited Celestial Green Ventures Head Office in Dublin last October.


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We are delighted that our Editor-in-Chief returns from Chile via Brazil tomorrow, after her Christmas holidays, back home in South America. Not only is Paula the Editor of our new Blog, but she also works tirelessly with our CEO and Head of Irish Operations as a PA, and has recently also taken on more responsibility in the role of PR Executive for Celestial Green Ventures. She has certainly been missed in the last few weeks, and we all look forward to welcoming her back tomorrow. She has also previously written her own Blog, so we all look forward to her excellent Blog posts in the coming weeks, throughout 2013 and beyond!

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Celestial Green Ventures are happy to welcome the newest member to our Team, here in Dublin. Allan, our newest recruit is from Fortaleza, the state capital of Ceará, located in Northeastern Brazil.

Having trained as a journalist in the prestigious Federal University of Ceará (UFC),  he is now looking to broaden his international experience in Dublin with CGV.

He brings with him excellent international experience and enthusiasm, as our new Marketing Executive and Translator. He has experience working in PR at City Hall in Fortaleza, and the management mentoring programme with Disney in Orlando, Florida, as well as a translator and assistant with the Florida FlyIns Project in the Ceará State, working with University of Florida journalism students.

You can discover more about Allan, over the following weeks from both our website, via our Team page, and here as the newest Celestial Green Ventures Blogger.

Welcome to the Team Allan.

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