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With only three more days till Easter, we would like to take this opportunity to not only thank everyone who has showed their support for Celestial Green Ventures over the last year, but also share a Sustainable Easter Egg story with you!

Eat Sustainable Easter Eggs, Save the Rainforest…..

To learn more, click here.


Sustainable Easter Egg


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Indonesian Mangroves

Indonesian Mangroves

New research from the respected and influential Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has revealed the importance of Indonesia’s vast mangrove forests. They provide a valuable source of ecosystem services, habitat for unique species and act as vital carbon sinks in the ongoing battle with climate change.

Muljadi Tantra, the Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of a group of companies that harvest mangrove wood explains that “the impact of sustainable logging on the environment is very minimal, because of the ability of the mangrove to regenerate itself,” adding that “the actual threat comes from the mangrove’s conversion to other uses.”

While the region has lost significant business from a large Japanese multinationals, due to concerns over detrimental environmental consequences, the organisation has attempted to strengthen its position by giving CIRFOR access to their lands to comprehensively research the hypothesis of sustainable logging.

Tantra, meanwhile, says “If you do it sustainably, that means it’s a perpetual income, for us, for the people surrounding the forest, and for the country,” and concluding by noting that “if we do it the unsustainable way, you only get a one-time income, the forest is ruined, and it’s not even economically justifiable if you don’t do it sustainably.”

Only time and scientifically measured and reported data will answer this intriguing question. Could it be that logging will actually save the mangroves?

Discover more about Indonesia’s mangroves in this ‘Dirty Science’ video.

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Earth Hour 2013 Poster

Earth Hour 2013 Poster

Over the weekend, the WWF saw the celebration of its 7th Annual Earth Hour on Saturday 23rd March to increase awareness about environmental sustainability and to campaign against blatant or especially unconscious apathy toward these increasingly prevalent global issues, which effect us all.

Andy Ridley, Earth Hour CEO and Co-Founder expalins that “Earth Hour is maturing from its origins as a consciousness raising event in one city, to a global movement that is not just calling for change but is engaging in it.”

This is illustrated by Earth Hour Outcomes 2013, which details the global success of many cities and countries efforts to embrace this new sustainable wave of environmental consciousness and most importantly, meaningful action. There have been achievements right across the globe including Russia, Argentina, India, US and Romania.

This year, the first ever Global Earth Hour Capital in the Earth Hour City Challenge, Vancouver was recognised unanimously by a jury of experts for its innovative actions on climate change and dedication to create a sustainable, pleasant urban environment for current and future residents.

To see evidence of Earth Hour in your home country, use the Global Earth Hour Map.

We also found this video, which is designed to remind us all, what we are protecting, bringing home the message that out of sight should not be out of mind!


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World Water Day 2013

World Water Day 2013

After yesterday’s International Day of Forests, today the 22nd March has been designated by the UN as World Water Day, which began back in 1993 after a recommendation by United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).

The UN has also designated 2013 as the Year of Water Cooperation, which illustrates the significant level of importance that the organisation has placed on these issues.

Held annually on 22nd March, the UN aims to focus people’s attention on the importance of freshwater supply & availability, and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources worldwide.

UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon delivers a lasting message about global sustainable development and our collective responsibilities to ensure that the efficient use of our natural resources is fundamental to all our daily lives; concluding that “Water is Life.”

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International Forestry Day 2013

Today, the 21st March has been designed as the first ever annual International Day of Forests by the United Nations. This day is to bring awareness and attention to all types of forests and to encourage countries to get involved in helping looking after the world’s forests.

One way to get involved is to start a tree planting campaign and other activities involving trees or forests. Here is a sort video from The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

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Twitter's Birthday Cake

Today is Twitter’s 7th Birthday, and we would like to congratulate @Jack and the other influential members of the #Twitter team for providing a wonderful service which is enjoyed by millions. You can follow us at @Celestial_Green to find out the latest news and updates from our #REDD+ Projects in Brazil.

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Continuing with our posts about the trip in February to the Amazonas State, we can show you a few more pictures, this time taken during a visit to the Axinim Community. The village is based in the Municipality of Borba, and within Celestial Green Ventures’ Trocano Araretama Conservation Project area.

Arrival to Axinim, which is currently only accessible by boat

Arrival to Axinim, which is currently only accessible by boat. All Photos: CGV

Located alongside the Madeira River, halfway between the cities of Borba and Autazes, the Axinim is one of the most populated communities within the project area. According to data from Amazônia Livre Institute (IAL), the community has around 300 families, with a population of approximately 1,200 people.

Students arriving from school, located in a different community

Students arriving from school, located in a different community

Kite running is a very popular activity among children in the Amazonas

Kite flying is a very popular activity among children in the Amazonas

Recently, there have been a few developments in the region, such as the introduction of mobile network coverage, which also enables access to the internet. However, further investments brought by the REDD+ Project in education and health services, as well as in infrastructure, will help increase the quality life for the local population.


The community has electricity but still needs investments for infrastructure improvements


Local church

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