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How can we fight against climate change?

We just have to think “new”. This is the main idea behind this one minute animation video, created by the WWF-Brazil, on alternative solutions to conserve the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet.

How are you helping protect the planet? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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The young turtles spent six months in a nursery centre, under the supervision of the CPPQA, before being taken back to their natural habit. Photo: SDS/AM/BR

The young turtles spent six months in a nursery centre, under the supervision of the CPPQA, before being taken back to their natural habit. Photo: SDS/AM/BR

Six thousand baby turtles were released to the Uatumã River, in the Municipalities of Itapiranga and São Sebastião do Uatumã, in the Brazilian State of Amazonas, last Sunday, 24th February.  The action is part of the biodiversity conservation and sustainability project “Uatumã Chelonii”, coordinated by the Centre of Conservation and Research in Aquatic Chelonii (CPPQA).

The fifteen-year project happens with the direct participation of children and adults from the local riverside communities, who are also responsible for the monitoring of the animals. The main objectives are to build environmental education and raise conservation awareness among the communities through practical experiences.


This project aims to help preserve and protect the Amazonian animal from their natural predators and the human actions. Photo: SDS/AM/BR

Adalberto Almeida, 55, agriculturer and member of the Nossa Senhora do Livramento community, explains the reason why he takes part in the project. “I want to leave something for my children and grandchildren, who are my right-hand partners in this work with the turtles. I hope they take care of where they live and respect the nature.”

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The next few blog posts will include some stories, and pictures taken during a trip made last week to the Amazonas State.  Although still recovering from all the hours spent traveling in boats, cars and airplanes, I will leave you today with a picture of one of my favourite experiences while abroad: having seen the place where the waters from the Negro River meet the waters from the Solimões River, which then continue together as the Amazonas River – the second largest in the world, losing only to the Nile.


For a few kilometres, the waters from the Negro and Solimões rivers, which have different densities and temperatures, are visibly separated

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2014 Official World Cup Emblem. Photo: FIFA

2014 Official World Cup Emblem. Photo: FIFA

With the purpose of minimising the environmental impacts that will be caused by this year’s FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Brazilian Government announced yesterday (21.02), in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, the upcoming implementation of an inventory on carbon management for those two important sports events, which will be hosted by Brazil.

Besides the accounting of the pollutant gases produced by the tournaments, the project provides for the establishment of alternative compensation measures and adaptation schemes for the impacts caused by activities related to general infrastructure upgrades, such as the construction and renovation of stadiums, enhancements to transportation systems and the electricity sector.

“With this project, we want to discuss climate change in a larger scope”, states Karen Cope from the Brazilian Ministry for the Environment (MMA). According to the MMA, it is necessary to integrate efforts from Federal and State governments for the completion of the inventory and the successful implementation of those proposed actions.

On the word of the Brazilian Government, the initiative of “Green” events brings an opportunity to consolidate a low-carbon economy in Brazil and across the world. They believe that the execution of the activities related to those events can be implemented in an economically efficient way, while attemping to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Klink (left) beside Eck.

Klink (left), Secretary for Climate Change and Environmental Quality and Eck, the Civil House representative. Photo: MMA/BR

Brazil’s Government gathered federal and state representatives to integrate efforts in reducing national greenhouse gas emissions and combating global warming. The main purpose of the meeting, which happened on Tuesday (19.02), in Brasília, Brazil’s capital, was to create a Discussion Group on the Climate Issue to develop concrete solutions to decrease the country’s emissions of pollutant gases and create strategies to adapt to climate change.

A review of the Brazilian National Plan on Climate Change (PNMC) is among the Group’s main actions expected for 2013. According to Carlos Klink, Brazil’s Secretary for Climate Change and Environmental Quality, the government will carry out a public consultation on the current PNMC, and the contributions obtained should be included by the end of the year.  Johannes Eck, the Brazilian Civil House representative, pointed out that the PNMC must be consistent with the reality and needs of all the Brazilian states.

The Brazilian National Plan on Climate Change was instituted in 2009. This plan states Brazil’s voluntary commitment to reducing the national greenhouse gas emissions between 36.1% and 38.9% of the projected emissions by the year 2020, as discussed in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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On the Green Newsletter - Issue 2

On the Green Newsletter – Issue 2

We are delighted to announce the release of the Second Issue of our fledgling Newsletter – On the Green.

Inside you will discover more about Celestial Green Ventures, our REDD+ projects, our partners and some innovations which we have made to our Geospatial Platform.

To read the Newsletter you can follow this link…On the Green – Issue 2 or click the picture above.

We hope that you enjoy this new edition of the Newsletter, and would love to receive feedback, thoughts and comments about On the Green.

If you would like to subscribe to On the Green, please email us @ onthegreen@celestialgreenventures.com

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As previously published on our blog, the Brazilian Government must conclude a national Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) strategy this year. According to the latest updates about the topic on the Brazil’s Ministry for Environment (MMA) website, it is estimated that a nationwide REDD+ regulation will be finished by the end of November 2013, in time for the nineteenth United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP) on Climate Change, in Warsaw, Poland.

Francisco Oliveira, the MMA’s Head of Policies to Fight Deforestation, says that a REDD+ strategy for the country will be fundamental to future international negotiations. “This year we are going to make the difference and go to the next COP in a strong position”, he adds. For the moment, the Brazilian Government is focused on the completion of the legal procedures of this regulation, which will include a public consultation, before its official implementation.

As stated by the MMA, the main purpose of creating a Brazilian REDD+ mechanism is to encourage actions and projects that help preserve the Amazon Rainforest, as a means to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Francisco Oliveira explains that it is necessary to ally expertise and monitoring with incentives to sustainable activities, such as REDD+ projects, in order to abate the deforestation of the Amazon forest and reduce the greenhouse gas effect.

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